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Treatment for Neck and Back Pain in Columbus, GA

Although it is common to experience back or neck pain, it is not always easy to determine the cause of it or how to treat it. Health First Family Chiropractic is dedicated to helping you find the cause of persistent pain and coming up with effective treatment options for it. Our chiropractic services provide you with safe, non-invasive ways to manage back pain or neck pain, so you can experience relief without the risks associated with medications or surgical procedures. 

Common Causes of Back Pain and Neck Pain

There are several possible causes of pain in the back or neck, including injuries from auto or work accidents, sports injuries chronic medical conditions, such as arthritis. Pain in these regions can also occur from regular activities, such as lifting or carrying heavy items improperly or performing repetitive motions that strain the neck or back. Even sitting a certain way while working on a computer day after day can lead to muscle tension that causes discomfort in these areas. Stress can also play a major role in chronic pain, especially in the back. 

Chiropractic Care for Neck and Back Injury Treatment

neck painNeck pain and back pain do not necessarily respond to traditional treatment methods, such as taking pain medications or putting heat on the affected area. When these types of treatments are ineffective and pain continues, chiropractic care can help. At Health First Family Chiropractic, this type of care can ease muscle tension, correct spinal misalignments and reduce stress, so you can enjoy relief from neck or back pain. We offer different kinds of treatments for this type of pain, including spinal adjustments. These adjustments are typically the first type of treatment we use for pain relief. During spinal adjustments, we gently realign your spinal cord in order to relieve tension and encourage a natural form of healing. 

Our other services can also help ease back and neck pain. Our corrective exercises are designed to enhance the results of your spinal adjustments and reduce the risk of having recurring pain. These exercises are customized to fit your condition and ensure that you receive the right type of care. To help you enjoy pain relief that lasts even longer, we offer massage therapy. This type of care helps promote optimal circulation, which can help you heal faster. It has the added benefit of reducing stress, so you are less likely to experience ongoing pain. Our chiropractor can also provide you with important information on nutrition to keep your neck and back muscles in top condition, which can help reduce pain. In addition, we offer lifestyle advice for long-term pain relief. 

Contact Our Columbus Chiropractor

If you have neck pain or back pain that will not go away, contact Health First Family Chiropractic in Columbus, GA at 706-576-9844 to set up an appointment. Our chiropractic care can help you find relief from chronic pain, so you can enjoy all of your normal activities.

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